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VeEX® Introduces 400GE QSFP-DD PAM4 Test Module for the MPA Series Platform


 Dual-port 400GE QSFP-DD PAM4 test module for the MPA® Multi-Protocol Analyzer Series platform 

July 17, 2019    Fremont, Calif. 


Supporting dual simultaneous and independent 400G QSFP-DD ports along  with dual QSFP56 and SFP56 ports, the MPM-400AR module delivers both  convenient and flexible testing capabilities for a wide range of optical  transceivers, port and data rates all in the same module. 

Used in the modular MPA platform with existing 10/100G application  modules, the MPM-400AR provides simultaneous, independent, multi-port  test capabilities, supporting all common and emerging transceiver form  factors, from 400 Gbps to 10 Mbps. Test automation is key for high  volume applications and multiple APIs are supported, including native  Python, providing NEMs R&D/SVT labs, manufacturing, and service  providers with a comprehensive all-in-one toolset for verification of  PAM4 Ethernet/transport technologies. 

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Free Splicing Workstation Offer from FiberFox


Free Splicing Workstation Table (35"x22") with the purchase of a Mini6s-FT3X or Mini12R-FT#X Fusion Splicer

October 1, 2018    Fort Lee, NJ

FiberFox offers the most rugged and durable fusion splicers available today. Headquartered in New Jersey, FiberFox provides unparalleled service and training on their products. Each splicing kit includes thermal stripper with direct charging cable, precision cleaver with auto bin, two battery packs, cooling tray, fiber holders, SOC holders, one tap cleaning fluid with lint free wipes, spare electrodes, splice sleeves, more.  The Mini12r also includes our V-groove cleaning kit to insure highest quality splicing performance.

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New Smart Fiber Testers from ODM


Smart Power Meter with LED and Laser Sources Pair up to save time and money

October 15, 2018    Laconia, NH 

The DLS 655 Singlemode Laser Source and DLS 650 LED Source provide multiple wavelength options to meet modern fiber optic testing needs. Each source operates in either single or dual mode.

When combined with the RP 560 model optical power meter, these light sources can greatly reduce the time needed to test fiber cables with an automated wavelength switching feature, auto-switching between wavelengths.  The power meter recognizes each time the switch occurs, allowing multiple loss tests to be completed simultaneously.

Several connector adapters are available for each.

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